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The Homoeopathic Compenidum
by David Little

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A bruise is one of the most common types of injury. It occurs when there is a blow or fall that causes small blood vessels to break under the skin. The discoloration and swelling of the skin are caused by blood seeping into the tissue. The symptoms are pain, a redness that later turns blue, then green, then brown and yellow before fading away. Cold compresses or ice are useful immediately after the injury. This reduces local bleeding and swelling. If the bruise is on the extremities elevate the limbs above the level of the heart to decrease blood flow. After 24 hours apply moist heat. Heat dilates the vessels and increases circulation to the affected area. The proper homeopathic remedy greatly speeds the time of healing bruises and relieves the bad quickly.

Materia Medica

Acetic Acid (2): Shock causes great relaxation, with vertigo and fainting. Dry heat after much bruising or sprains. Eyes sunken and surrounded by dark rings. Emissions the next night.

Arnica (3*): The first remedy to give in bruising, as it will prevent pain and soreness and help the absorption of blood. The entire body feels bruised and aches. Arnica tincture should be use externally if the skin is unbroken.

Bellis (2*): Useful when it seems that an internal organ or bowel has been bruised. It is sometimes called the internal Arnica. It is also useful for bruises of bangs to the female breast.

(a). If Bellis is not sufficient it may be followed by Conium in bruises to the breast.

Conium (2): Indurations following bruises. Bruises to the glands with stony hardness. Injuries to the breast.

(a). Sulph-ac. follows well here.

Hamamelis (3): The entire body feelings bruised and sore after traumatic injuries. Follow Arnica if it does not remove these feelings. Can be use as a tincture on severe bruising esp. if the skin is broken.

Hypericum (2): Bruises that affect the nerves. Neuritis after bruising.

Ledum (3*): Bruises with dark purple ecchymosis. Discoloration long after injury. The injured part feels cold but is Better > by cold worse < by heat. Black eyes.

Phosphorus (3): Bruise appear for almost no reason. Easy bleeding under the skin. The sufferer does not even know when they got the bruise.

Ruta (3): This remedy is use for bruises to the bone and periosteum. It may also be used externally in tincture over the area.

Symphytum (2): Pain in the eye after a blow with an obtuse body. For traumatic injuries to the eye no remedy equals this. Bruises to the bones and periosteum that do not yield to Ruta.

Suphuricum Acid (3): Bad effects from mechanical injuries, with bruises and livid skin. Tendency toward gangrene following mechanical injuries. Prolonged ecchymosis, old bruise remains discolored. Prostration after injury


BRUISES, in general - Acet-ac., ARN., Bellis., Con., HAM., Hyper., LED., PHOS., RUTA., Symph., SUL-AC.

body , entire, feels bruised and aches - Arn.. Ham.

bone and periosteum bruises - RUTA, symph.

breast, bruised - bell-p., Con.

cold, bruised part feels - Led.

dry heat after much bruising or sprains - Acet-ac.

easy bruising - phos.

eye blow with an obtuse body - Symph.

indurations following bruises - CON.

internal organ or bowel has been bruised - Bell-p.

old bruise remains discolored - Sulph-ac.

shock causes great relaxation, with vertigo and fainting - Acet-ac.

speeds re absorption of blood - Arn.

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