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"This site is dedicated to the study of Homœopathy and provides educational information, articles and services to homœopaths all over the globe."

The Homoeopathic Compenidum
by David Little

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H.O.E (Homoeopathic Online Education) is an organization founded by the well-known homoeopath, David Little. H. O. E. is dedicated to providing high quality homoeopathic education to homoeopaths around the world. Our services include a free website which contains many excellent articles on the history, philosophy and practice of Homoeopathy. A collection of David's writings and other educational information are the core part of this site.The wide-ranging information will be of value to experienced homoeopaths, students and anyone interested in the healing arts. Our goal is to provide valuable knowledge regarding the true methods of practicing Homoeopathy in a safe and effective manner.

David Little was born in the USA in 1948 and has been a student of Homœopathy since the early 1970s. His first teacher was the late, great Dr. Manning Strahl and he was a colleague of the late Dr. Harimohan Choudhury. He has studied Homoeopathy in the USA and India. He started HOE, Homeopathic Online Education in 1999.

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