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The Homoeopathic Compenidum
by David Little

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Dislocations are when a bone is when a joint is forcibly knocked or twisted apart. This is accompanied by nausea, inability to move the joint, swelling, and bruising and deformity. It is sometimes hard to tell a dislocation from a fracture. The most common dislocations are the shoulder and jaw. Support the affected joint with pillows or blankets, etc., and call 911. Arnica is useful for the immediate shock and trauma; Bryonia is useful for the acute affects; Rhus-tox. is useful during the rehabilitation phase, and Calcarea. to remove any chronic affects.

Materia Medica

Arnica (2): and Aconite (1): Give Arnica immediately to remove shock and pain. Aconite is useful when there is fear, heat, fever, and panic, etc. Refer first aid materia medica.

Bryonia (2*): Useful after Arnica when the joint is hot, red, swollen, with stitches and tearing pains which a < the slightest motion. Effective after the joint has been reduced but the acute inflammation remains and the joint is very painful to move. < Heat, motion, morning, exertion, touch. Worse > cold, lying on the painful side to support it, pressure, rest. The patient is irritable and wants to be left alone.

Calcarea Carb (3): This remedy often follows Rhus-tox. as it helps remove the chronic affects of dislocations. Sharp, sticking, as if the parts were wrenched and sprained. Worse < from mental or physical exertion, cold in every form, standing. Better > dry climate lying of painful side, and motion. Follows Rhus-t. well, acts as a chronic complement. Especially adapted to phlegmatic temperaments.

Natrum Carb (3): Easy dislocation and spraining of the ankles. Foot bends under, Heels and Achilles tendon affected.Great weakness of the limbs, esp. in the mornings.

Rhus Tox (3*): Helps the joint heal after it has been reduce when the joint is stiff and painful on first movement but is relieve may continual motion. The joint limbers up with motion and warmth. Tearing pains in the tendons, ligaments, and fascia. The individual is restless and continual changes places. It has a direct affect of the jaw and shoulders. They are worse < at rest, cold wet, rainy weather, and after rain, night. Better > Warm, dry weather, motion, walking, change of position,, rubbing, warm applications, from stretching out the limb. Complementary to Bryonia. It often follows it in dislocations.

Ruta (3*): Specially useful in dislocations of the Tarsal, carpal, wrist, ankles and elbows and shoulder joints. This remedy acts directly on the flexor tendons, periosteum and cartilage. Where there is a tendency to form deposits in the periosteum, tendons, and about the joints, esp. the wrist. There is a sensation of lameness and a bruised, achy feeling. Bad affects of straining and lifting. Worse < lying down, rest, cold wet weather. Adapted to sanguine temperaments.

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