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The Homoeopathic Compenidum
by David Little

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Electrocution and Shocks
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A strong electric shock or a lighting strike may stop a person's heart and breathing, as well as cause severe burning. First of all, the first responder must turn off the current in the case of electrical shock. Electricity is extremely dangerous as it may ground out through any available object so the first responder must be very careful not to become the next casualty. If you cannot turn off the current try to push the victim away from the electrical source with a non-conducting object such as a broomstick or a chair. Be very careful that there is no water or any source of dampness in the area as this is an excellent conductor of electricity.

High power cables and power lines are usually fatal on contract and can arc several feet through the air. Do not approach such dangerous situations! As soon as you have switched off the electricity or removed the individual from the source of the shock check the breathing and heart beat and give artificial respiration and CPR if necessary (refer). After the pulse and breathing are restored, place the victim in the recovering position (refer). Use the remedies under asphyxia until the vital signs are stabilized and then give remedies for electroshock and burns (refer) as needed. The same response is use in the case of lighting strikes. Call the emergency services.

Materia Medica

Arnica (1): Good for "shocks" in any form. A good remedy for a simple shock where there is an aching, bruise, numb feeling and mental surprise. The person says they are all right but they hold there arm or hand, etc..

Hellaboris (1): Complete unconsciousness. Sees, hears, feels imperfectly. Falling of the lower jaw, grinding of the teeth, chewing motions, and sensorial depression. Greatly swallows old water, even though unconscious. Convulsive tendencies.

Morphinum (1): Dream-like state. Vertigo from the least movement of the head. Trembling, twitching, jerking, convulsions.

Nux Vomica (1): Irritable and angry. Can not stand noises, odors, lights, does not want to be touched. Convulsions with consciousness, < touch and moving. Lighting strikes.

Phosphorus (2*): This remedy is often used routinely if no other remedies is called for by specific symptoms. Great susceptibility to electrical shock, even a small shock can cause nervous symptoms, such as violent palpitations with anxiety, tightness in the chest, or vertigo with fainting. etc..

Comments . In a sense these five remedies from a layered response to shocks, from mild to severe. Arnica for the shock itself, especially if simple. Phosphorus for the shocks that produce nervous symptoms. Nux Vomica for shocks that cause convulsions and spasms with consciousness. Morphinum for shocks that cause convulsion and spasms with a dream-like semi conscious state. Helleborus for shock that produce convulsions and spasms with complete unconsciousness


ELECTROSHOCK, electricity agg - arn., hell., morph., nux-v., Phos.

ailments from - hell., morph., phos.

burns - canth.

convulsions -

complete unconsciousness, with - Hell.

consciousness, with - Nux-v.

dream-like state, with - Morph.

lightening strikes - morph, Nux -v., op. phos.

blindness from lighting - phos.

simple shocks - Arn.

susceptibility, great, to electric shocks - Phos.

unconsciousness, complete - Hell.

Disclaimer: This information is supplied for educational purposes only. It is not for the treatment of any individual person or disease. If you are suffering any particular complaint please consult a physician or call emergency services.

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