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The Homoeopathic Compenidum
by David Little

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Frostbite is caused when a part of the body, usually the hands, feet, nose, ears, etc., are frozen. Many times the victim is unaware that his extremities are frozen, as it is a painless condition until they begin until they begin to thaw out. At first the parts have a dull red color that is caused by imperfect circulation. If the conditions advance, the parts become livid, tallowy paleness, marble looking, insensible, motionless solid to the touch, and reduced in bulk. Individuals who have poor circulation are the most easily affected. Get individual to shelter as soon as possible and cover him with warm blankets and warm them with body heat.

To not try and warm the part quickly with artificial heat. In the old homeopathic books they speak of rubbing the parts first with snow or ice water until a slight degree of warm is restored. After a time this is followed by the use of cold water on the parts. As soon as circulation is restored the parts may be covered with a blanket. In a sense this is an example of a homeopathic cure, i.e.. ice for a frozen part. This may be helpful if one is high on a mountain or deep in the wilderness with no source of heat. Otherwise, a very gentle warming is effective. Call for medical backup immediately as there is a danger of gangrene if the deeper tissues are affected.

Materia Medica

Agaricus (3): If no other remedy is specifically indicated, use this remedy. Burning and itching on both hands, as if frozen. Parts hot, swollen, red. Pain and inflammation of frostbitten toes. Shooting in fingers and toes,. Redness, burning itching of ear, as if they had been frozen. Frostbitten nose itches. Chronic inflammation of the nose after exposures. Paroxysm of yawning. Talkative and fearless.

Arsenicum (1): Tendency toward gangrene, with blackish vesicles. The person is restless, anxious, and fussy.

Nux Vomica (1): Superficial inflammation, with bright-red swelling with burning itching, or when the tumefied parts crack and bleed. The patient is extremely irritable and angry, fights the situation.

Petroleum (2): Chilblains, itching and burning like fire. Heel painfully swollen and red. Feet tender and bathed in foul moisture, especially when inflammation sets in during very cold weather. Bleeding deep cracks. Thinks death is near and must hurry to settle his affairs.

Pulsatilla (2): Swelling , bluish, hot, attended with throbbing pains and intense itching, especially on sole of feet after getting warm in bed. Suitable for passive, gentle, emotional individuals who crave open free air.

Rhus-T (1): Burning itching in the chilblains during afternoon and evening, when not scratching there is a itching in them, obliging him to scratch. Blotches after scratching. Intolerable itching, especially at night. The individual is restlessness, with continued change of position.

Sulphur (1): Redness and swilling of chilblain, with tendency to suppurate. Chilblain is thick and red, with cracks on joints. Itching worse < in warm bed.

Zinc (2): Chilblains on hand, itching and swelling violently. Fidgety feet.


FROSTBITE - AGAR., ars., nux-v., Petr., Puls., Sil., rhus-t., sulph., Zinc.

ailments from - agar., zinc.

blackish vesicles - Ars.

burning and itching on both hands, as if frozen - AGAR.

cracks -

bleeding cracks - nux-v.

bleeding, deep cracks - Petr.

fidgety feet - zinc.

gangrene , tendency toward- Ars.

mind -

angry and irritable - Nux-v.

death, thinks it is near, must hurry to settle his affairs - Petr.

fearless - AGAR.

passive, gentle, tearful, crave open fresh air - PULS.

restless, anxious, and fussy - ARS.

restlessness, with continued change of position - Rhus-t.

talkative - Agar.

nose - Agar.

frostbites easily - zinc.

intolerable itching, especially at night - Rhus-t.

superficial inflammation, bright-red swelling with burning itching - Nux-v.

suppurate, tendency to - Sul.

Disclaimer: This information is supplied for educational purposes only. It is not for the treatment of any individual person or disease. If you are suffering any particular complaint please consult a physician or call emergency services.

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