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The Homoeopathic Compenidum
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Head Injuries
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Anytime there is a loss of consciousness after a head injury there is a danger of brain damage. A concussion is usually the result of a blow to the head. The symptoms may include temporary loss of consciousness, shallow breathing, a cold, clammy, pale skin, nausea and temporary loss of memory. a compression is a serious condition which involves internal bleeding causing pressure inside the skull. It may develop as much as 24 hours after the injury. The pupils of the eyes may dilate to different degrees, breathing become noisy, the pulse may be full but slow, there may be fever without sweat, one side of the body may become paralyzed, and the person may become unconscious. Check the victim's pulse and respiration and use artificial respiration and CPR if necessary. If they are unconscious put them in the recovery position (refer) and treat them for shock (refer). Call the emergencies. Monitor the victim's pulse and respiration.

Materia Medica

Arnica (3): Give Arnica immediately to relieve shock, pain, and swelling accompanying the injury. Helpful in reabsorbing blood within the skull to prevent compression. Arnica fears being approached. If there is sudden onset of fever, restlessness, fear and panic give ACONITE (1) instead.

Belladonna (2): Useful when there is much heat, redness, throbbing, and fullness in the head. The face is red, flushed, hot, pupils dilated, and there may be twitching of the muscles. The victim may become delirious, frantic, furious, and even bite, strike and try to escape. Sudden outcries. The head pain is worse < light, noise, jar, lying down and better > by pressure and sitting semi-erect.

Cicuta Virosa (2): Convulsion from concussion to the brain. Sudden shock go through the head. Stares persistently at objects. Useful in spasmodic nervous disorders, tetanus, epilepsy, and convulsions after head injuries. Vertigo after head injuries. Hemorrhages from the ears. Everything seem strange and terrible, confounds the present with the past, feels like a child. Worse < from touch, draughts, concussion, tobacco smoke.

Helleborus (3): Sees, hears, and taste imperfectly with muscular weakness the move toward complete paralysis. Complete unconsciousness. Eyeball turn upward, squinting, vacant look, falling of the jaw, chewing motions, automatic motions of one arm and leg. Worse < evening until morning, from uncovering.

Hypericum (3): Useful in fractured skulls with concomitant injuries to the spine. Bone splinter. Spasms or epilepsy after head injuries. Worse < closed room, touch Better > bending the head back.

Natrum Sulph (3): Ill-effects of falls and head injuries. Vertigo after head injuries. Mental symptoms and personality changes after head injuries. The person may become suicidal, must exercise restraint.


HEAD Injuries - acon., ARN., Bell., Cic., HELL., HYPER., NAT- S.

convulsions due to injury - CIC., HYPER.

eyeball turn upward , squinting - Hell.

face -

vacant look, falling of the jaw, chewing motions - Hell.

red, flushed, hot, pupils dilated - Bell.

fractured skull - calc-p., Hyper., SYMPH. (refer fractures)

fever - Aco., BELL.

hemorrhages from the ears - Cic.

ill-effects of falls and head injuries - Nat-s.

mind -

delirious, frantic, furious, bites and strikes - BELL.

fear and panic - ACON.

fears being approached - ARN.

mental symptoms for head injury - NAT-S.

strange and terrible, everything seems, confounds the present with the past, feels like a child - Cic.

stares persistently at objects - cic.

sudden outcries - Bell.

suicidal, must exercise restraint - Nat-s.

modalities -

worse < -

< closed room - Hyper.

< concussion - cic., hyper.

< evening until morning - Hell.

< light, noise, jar, lying down - Bell.

< draughts - cic.

< uncovering - Hell.

< tobacco smoke - Cic.

< touch - Cic., Hyper.

better > -

> bending the head back - Hyper.

> pressure - Bell.

> sitting semi-erect - Bell.

reabsorbing blood to prevent compression - ARN.

unconsciousness, complete - Hell.

Disclaimer: This information is supplied for educational purposes only. It is not for the treatment of any individual person or disease. If you are suffering any particular complaint please consult a physician or call emergency services.

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